About Us

Want to keep your hair, stimulate hair growth and maybe regrow some more?  TopHairLoss will guide you on your hairy adventure!

Maintaining your hair on Top and your scalp healthy is our ultimate goal.

My name is Ivan and I am the creator of TopHairLoss.com. I've been experimenting and looking for hair loss solutions for about 10 years now. The road for where I am now, has not been easy, pretty or without its ups and downs.

Right now, 10 years after starting to lose hair, I can say I have kept a good portion of it. Maintaining some healthy habits, while also using the TOP hair loss products and treatments, is the secret for that. A secret I will share with you in this comprehensive resource.

TopHairLoss is about you, the reader. Here we are going to help you through your hair loss fight, providing you with all the best and latest information.

Let us be your guide and fulfill our mission to offer the best advice to our readers, so they can live a short and happy hair loss experience. To do so, we will only offer insider and expert advice about treatments and products that we as a community have personally used.

The advise given in this webpage may not substitute proper medical advice. We strongly recommend you check with your doctor.

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