The best minoxidil product for men – Top 13 aspects

You can regrow hair using the best minoxidil product

best minoxidil product for men

There is a tendency in the hair loss world to dismiss the impact of what minoxidil can do for your hair loss situation. Getting the best minoxidil product for men should be your #1 concern after making sure you are suffering from androgenetic alopecia.

Minoxidil remains the only topical medical treatment approved and known for regrowing hair and reversing the effect of DHT. Also not to mention, that is it the only one approved for women.

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What minoxidil does is to affect the hair cycling, in order to accelerate the phases of hair when it is not active or growing. All of this while also known to prolonging the other phase, anagen, the one where the hair is active and growing.

That’s why it is so important to understand the good effect of it, and take it as a serious option for hair loss treatment in men.

In this post we are here to learn about the best minoxidil product for men, which can help us make a better buying decision. It is very important to choose wisely, as it can have negative results if don’t use the right products.

It’s very common to get involved in some kind of scam, since there is a very large industry taking advantage of hair loss patients. Many companies are making and manufacturing products that could compare to minoxidil, but they are not even close when it is time to see results.

The FDA approved minoxidil as a hair loss treatment, and that was only because of its proven effectiveness when treating the effects of this condition.

Minoxidil treatment variants

As of today, minoxidil is available in two versions with different formula and percentage of concentration. There is a 2% solution and also a 5% solution. I’ve used to have a 10% sometime, but it was short lived and discontinued. Increasing the percentage after 5%, have not shown much better results, and have increased the side effects.

best minoxidil product for men

Commercially, the 2% solution is known as Rogaine for Men, while the 5% solution is labeled as the “extra strength” version. These are the best minoxidil product for men, because these provide the most warranty and have been more tested in many patients and trials.

Who can use Minoxidil

This hair loss treatment should only be used by men aged 18 and older. This is a product that is not recommended for teenagers or kids. It is very important for this population to consult their doctor, because having hair loss at this early age, could mean many different things.

Another aspect to consider, is that it is indicated for hair loss at the top of your head, also called the vertex or crown, which is one of the most common places that you could start seeing hair thinning. The crown area has been demonstrated to show better results than any other area.

Many people use minoxidil product in the frontal area of their head, but is very important to note that in this area, results have not been demonstrated. Some people could get very good results, while there are others that have reported that the treatment didn’t provide any effect.

Some statistics about the best minoxidil product for men

There are some statistics about the expectations that you can make for yourself. For men using minoxidil as indicated, two times a day for a period of 4 months, the results are the following:

- 26% of men reports moderate to dense hair regrowth using the 2% solution

- 33% experienced minimal regrowth

- This number goes up with the 5% solution, which is 45% more effective than the 2% version.

This is why you should be aware that this is not a magic pill or something like that. The results will not be there overnight, since hair takes it time to grow back.

The good thing about the 5% solution is that it takes much less time to provide and see results. With only two months of normal use, patients have reported better results than the 2% solution after 4 months.

The manufacturer indicates that after 12 months using the product, and still getting no results, you should discontinue the treatment. So if you are going to see results, you will notice them early, and not after one year of use. Prolonging the use of this treatment after that, will only leave you with an empty wallet and not much hair on top.

Another consideration or warning that comes with this product, is that many patients believe that they can stop using minoxidil solution after getting full hair regrowth. Manufacturer indicates that stopping the treatment will cause a gradual loss of the hair already obtained. This is because if you stop the effect of minoxidil in your scalp, no more stimulation will be provided, and normal condition will start affecting you again.

You will go back to your previous state of hair loss, but actually a little worse, since the condition could have progressed and began affecting a larger area within the time you were using minoxidil treatment.

The best minoxidil product for men

Just like we mentioned before, we firmly believe that Rogaine extra strength is the best product for hair regrowth for men. It has shown the best results from all of the trials conducted and is the most popular product recommended by doctors.

If you are serious with hair loss treatment, you should always go with the best and avoid generic products, which can come cheaper than official product, but not much research have been provided for this.

Important considerations when using Rogaine for men hair regrowth treatment

We already mentioned a good portion of the things you need to know about using rogaine for men, but here we are going to provide a more comprehensive list of recommendations, pros and cons for using it.

- Product comes in a three month supply package, which is a very good time window to test if it works for you. As noted in previous paragraph, with the 5% solution you can see results within the two months period.

- You can evaluate which presentation is best for you, liquid or foam.

- Liquid version is easier to apply and to make sure it goes directly to your scalp.

- The foam version will not leave your scalp wet as the liquid form, and you can more easily use it during the day and go to work.

- Additionally the foam version is much better for the skin because of the absence of alcohol as a vehicle for the solution.

- Works much better in the crown area than in frontal area.

- Minoxidil should be used along with other hair loss solutions like a hair loss shampoo and DHT blockers.

- Before each application it is recommended that you clean your hair and scalp, in order to improve the absorption of the solution.

- Remember, this will not work for everyone.

- Will provide thicker hair than before treatment.

- Will help you maintain the amount of hair you currently have.

- Rogaine brand is better than generic in the aspect that the form version retains the foam consistency much better.

- Initial hair shedding is common with the treatment during the first few weeks, and you should not be discouraged by this. Hair shed is normal every day, and remember that minoxidil accelerate the stages of hair growth.

After learning all of these important considerations, I can only add one thing: try the product!

It will only set you back about 30-40 dollars for a three month package, and could provide you with great results that make you feel better about yourself and your hair.

My experience with Rogaine for men and minoxidil treatments

I think you should only be recommending a product that you have used yourself. This is the case with Rogaine for men. Since I’ve started suffering from hair loss and decided to do something about it, I researched for months about what I should do to get my hair back.

I learned about so many different products that it would dizzying to name them all, while also very unproductive, as I used so many different things that didn’t do anything at all.

Since I started using minoxidil, it was very easy to apply and continue with your routine every day. Personally for me, I didn’t use it as much during the day as I did with night applications. Something like 95% would be night applications and 5% during the day.

It is very uncomfortable for me to go to work with the product on, as I never use any styling gel or spray. It would look very unnatural for my hairstyle. That’s why I do only night applications, but I’m starting to use during the day on the weekend when I’m not going out of the house early.

Even though only applying only once a day, I’ve have seen good results in my hair loss condition. After three months of using, my crown area was more complete, and you could see much less scalp than before. This was very important to me, as I started receiving many comments about going bald, which I absolutely hate.

For frontal area, I haven’t noticed much difference, but I haven’t applied it there to be honest.

I think that my hair loss treatment would not be complete without the use of minoxidil, and I recommend Rogaine for men as the best minoxidil product for men.

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