The Best Natural DHT blocker: Top list and Reviews

You can practically stop hair loss with DHT blockers! Learn all the benefits

Hair loss is most prevalent in males; but females do experience this condition as well. Dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT, is a hormone that is responsible for hair loss. This is produced when testosterone combines with the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. When created in large amounts, DHT attaches to the hair follicles and blocks the flow of nutrients—the main reason why hair growth rate decreases. Thus, in order to control hair loss, we recommend using only the best natural DHT blocker.

Medicated vs. Natural

There are two types of DHT blockers in the market: medicated and natural. Both of them have been proven to be effective in treating hair loss. However, the two options are different.

Medicated DHT blockers such as Rogaine and Propecia are popular among individuals who suffer from hair loss. The only problem is that these blockers produce undesirable side effects such as chest pain, weight gain, swelling, increased heart rate, irritation and dizziness. This is why some hair loss sufferers look for other options to treat their hair loss—and this is through the best natural DHT blocker.

Benefits of Natural Type

When choosing to go natural, consumers do not need to manage their hair loss with damaging chemicals. Natural herbs can be used, and you can expect that you won't experience negative side effects. Examples of natural herbs include saw palmetto, nettles, green tea extract and pumpkin seed. These substances slow down the production of 5-alpha reductase, thereby preventing DHT from being produced. Natural herbs also attach to the follicles, which hinder DHT to attach itself and cause permanent damage.

These are the best natural DHT blockers:

Saw Palmetto - it is the most known 'natural' DHT blocker. It is proven to be an efficient anti-androgen. It helps prevent hair loss by lowering DHT levels in the body through blocking 5 alpha-reductase. It also 'blocks' the receptor sites in cell membranes so that cells would not absorb DHT.

Nettles - According to a German research, active ingredients which are found in nettles may decrease prostate swelling. These ingredients are also effective in preventing hair loss.

Green Tea Extract - What we know about green tea extract is that it is a reliable antioxidant and an effective weight loss agent. Little did we know that it can also promote hair growth. One of the active ingredients found in green tea extract is epigallocatechin-3-Gallate or EGCG. It is proven to be effective in blocking DHT. Researchers also found that green tea decreases testosterone levels and DHT in the bloodstream.

Pumpkin seed - This is the last thing that you would think of when it comes to preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth, but studies show that it is as effective as other natural herbs. According to German E Commission, US FDA's equal, pumpkin seed can treat disorders that are prostate-related—mainly because it has the ability to block DHT—making it a reliable substance to prevent hair loss.

Aside from the fact that these natural types are safer, they are also found to be equally effective. Based on clinical research, majority of the people who use natural type see positive results within 90 days. Important Reminder: Natural substances just like medicated substances can only do wonders on hair loss caused by DHT. People who are 'suffering' from scalp conditions or hair loss brought about by the intake of medications cannot use natural supplements.

Here are other wonderful benefits that you can get from choosing the best natural DHT blocker:

1. High success rate - Clinical studies show that 88 percent of users of natural DHT blocker notice positive results. It is considered as a high percentage by researchers.

2. Hair growth in thinning areas - Aside from combating hair loss, users can also see hair growth in areas that were formerly thinning.

3. No permanent side effects - Unlike medicated substances, users can use it longer because it does not have permanent side effects, such as increased heart rate.

4. Health is not compromised - Having said that medicated DHT blockers can cause side effects that are detrimental to one's health, natural DHT blocker, on the other hand, is proven to be very safe. But it is still advised to consult a physician before taking these natural herbs. Although, many users attest to its health-friendly effects, it is always better to be on the safe side.

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