The best shampoo for hair growth: All you need to know & more

Start growing your hair with the best shampoo for hair growth

It starts very casual, one or two hairs today, three or four tomorrow. Next thing you know, everyone is making comments about how they can see through your scalp. Hair loss is real and if you found this page is because you are looking for solutions. One of the first steps in this journey is finding out the best shampoo for hair growth.

Whenever you start a new treatment, you are looking to stop your hair from falling. After you achieve that, you should be looking to try to regrow the hair already lost. This is the key when trying to treat alopecia.

I know that very well, there are no two days in a row where your hair can be combed in the same way. It is always changing form because of the hair that is lost every day and how it thins out.

Whenever you shower you end with more hair in your hands and on the bath tub than the amount still in your head. It is crazy.

The good thing is that there is hope. There is something you can do today to stop this situation and make the most out of your hair. is the leading source for accurate information on the web about hair loss, shampoos, treatments and every helpful tip that is important to know.

Today we are going to talk about the best shampoo for hair growth.

For any product to receive this recommendation, it should prove the followings conditions:

· Contains excellent list of ingredients

· Must have proven to deliver results to a big population of users

· Should be able to help promote hair growth

· Excellent customer service and post-sale experience

· Easy to use and lathers well

· Price range should be average with good cost-benefit ratio

Best shampoo for hair growth: The top 3

1. Regenepure DR shampoo

2. Lipogaine Big 3 shampoo

3. Nizoral A-D shampoo

Regenepure DR shampoo

best shampoo for hair growth

Regenepure Shampoo

Probably one of the best shampoo for hair growth. This product will make your hair feel great after one or two uses. It can be used by both men and women.

It is officially directed for dandruff, but we all know the benefits for hair loss that you get.

Having no sulfates, parabens, or harsh chemicals, make it a solid choice for people looking for something healthy for their hair.

The great thing about Regenepure is the presence of ketoconazole as a main ingredient, making it a great resource for eliminating DHT buildup in the scalp and follicles. Remember DHT is the main cause of hair loss, and minimizing the effect it has in your scalp can do wonders for your hair growth.

Regenepure DR (Doctor recommended) will not hurt in any way your color treated hair, or any other treatment that you may already be on. This goes to keratin or minoxidil.

1% ketoconazole makes it a great choice for hair growth, since the mentioned ingredient was found to stimulate hair growth and removal of dandruff.

I really like the way that it combines many good ingredients for hair loss, while also not containing hard chemicals that can hurt your hair. This is why this product is very safe to use many times a week, much more than some medicated shampoos for hair loss.

If you are suffering from scalp that is dry, itchy or oily, this product can help you remove all those conditions with the powerful antifungal properties.

Last but not least, something to take into account is the cosmetical benefits that you also get. After just a few uses your hair will look and feel much thicker than before. This alone will help you show a better picture of yourself, as this will make it harder to notice your hair loss.

Apart from ketoconazole, regenepure DR also comes with Saw palmetto extract and niacin. These components will help your hair to go from dry to fuller and thicker.

Something that set this product apart from the big majority, is the ability to complement any already existing hair loss treatment like minoxidil. The best time to apply topical minoxidil is right after washing your hair with this shampoo. It will leave your scalp perfectly clean and provide better environment for absorption.

Thinning hair or hair fall, this will stop it right on its track and support new hair growth.

Lipogaine Big 3 shampoo

Lipogaine Shampoo

Lipogaine Shampoo

Lipogaine Big 3 shampoo is another product that deserves it owns spot in this list. It also contains ketoconazole, which we have talked about before, but also adds Biotin into the mix of products.

One of the biggest complains about hair loss shampoos, is the dryness that occurs with the constant use of ketoconazole, and leaving it many minutes before rinsing.

The guys from Lipogaine solved this issue with the addition of Emu Oil, which acts as a moisturizer for your hair. So if you are in the same group as those who are very sensitive to ketoconazole, you can go ahead and start using this product.

As we mentioned before, this contains ketoconazole 1 percent and will greatly support your hair growth.

The product itself is very thick and will last you more than one month of normal use. It foams up pretty well and your hair will look thicker after every use for a prolonged time.

Many people have commented about the scent, which is a great one and helps complementing the fresh sensation.

Also to be aware, is that this product or any hair loss shampoo by itself will not work. This kind of product should be one of many moving part of the equation. Minoxidil, propecia and ketoconazole are just the start of the approved treatments that you should not overlook.

This shampoo lathers very well when washing your hair, even though there are many people who just prefer to use another shampoo first, in order to clean your scalp, and then use Lipogaine just so all the ingredients can be absorbed by the scalp.

Nizoral A-D shampoo

nizoral shampoo

Nizoral A-D shampoo is probably the most popular product, historically known as an efficient DHT blocker. This product will kill any dandruff right off the bat, and provide great conditions for hair loss patients.

This is the product I use an average of two times a week, in order to maintain scalp health and DHT buildup controlled.

Many times this has saved me before, as I would get very oily hair, getting crazy itchiness and inflammation. Just a couple of uses of this and it were all gone.

Also when I’ve started minoxidil treatment I would get dandruff, dry skin and flakes, which severely hurt my esteem. I’ve figured that in order to grow hair I had to go through many side effects, but with the existence of this product and many more, these effects are largely minimized.

I would recommend that you try this shampoo for a few weeks and then see what happens. This also contains sulfate so it is very important that you check for yourself how much your scalp can take.

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