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free and clear shampoo review

Are you looking for an effective shampoo that can help you grow your hair? Well, there is one shampoo that has been tried and tested by a lot of users — it is the 'free and clear' shampoo. This is a mild shampoo, specifically formulated for those people who have sensitive scalp and skin. What is also great about this shampoo is that it is free from gluten and even preservatives.
To give you more information about this shampoo, here is comprehensive free and clear shampoo review.

Why should You Use this Shampoo?

'Free and clear' shampoo is widely used around the globe. Through the years, a lot of users have attested to the effectiveness of this shampoo in treating hair loss and making their hair more manageable. Not only that, it is also recommended by dermatologists around the world.
What you can also find in this shampoo, that you cannot find with regular shampoos, is that it is free from chemical irritants such as dyes, fragrance, masking fragrance, lanolin, parabens, formaldehyde, as well as formaldehyde releasers. It is also free from protein, sulfate, phosphate, and non-alkaline ingredients.

Important Ingredients

The important ingredients that make 'free and clear' shampoo effective are the following:

• purified water
• lauryl glucoside
• coco glucoside
• acrylates copolymer
• disodium cocoyl glutamate
• sodium cocoyl glycinate
• glycerine
• sucrose cocoate
• panthenol
• pentylene glycol
• 1,2-hexanediol
• sodium cocoyl glutamate
• disodium EDTA
• caprylyl glycol
• sodium hydroxide
• sodium chloride

Benefits of Using this Shampoo for Hair Loss Patients

Having said in the 'free and clear' shampoo review that this is mild and free from chemical irritants — come the conclusion that it is also a good shampoo for hair loss patients. Why? Because these patients' hair is quite sensitive, making it more prone to various scalp problems. With 'free and clear' shampoo, however, they can be assured that their hair will be taken care of. And of course, the shampoo has special ingredients that can trigger hair growth. While triggering hair growth, this shampoo is also nurturing one's hair in order to prevent hair loss in the future.

Advantages of Using this Shampoo

'Free and clear' shampoo has a lot of advantages; it helps users in many ways. When you have problems with flaking, scaling as well as oily scalp, you can definitely rely on this hair product. It is also recommended for daily use and for all types of hair including colored and permed hair.

Free and clear also helps 'remove' build-up from hair sprays, conditioners, as well as other hair care products. This shampoo will absolutely leave your hair clean and even more manageable — it is very important, especially if you have a very active lifestyle. This shampoo can help you project a good hair hygiene. For best results, you should use it with Free and Clear Conditioner.

Disadvantages of Using this Shampoo

While a lot of users attest to its efficiency as a mild and effective hair growth shampoo, there are also some who mention a few of its disadvantages. One of these is that 'free and clear' shampoo is not being a tearless shampoo. With this kind of feature, users must be careful enough so the shampoo will not get into their eyes.

It was also described by some users as a bit pricey as compared to other hair growth shampoos in the market today. A small percentage of its users also questioned the effectiveness of this shampoo — many described it as "unreliable."

Free and Clear shampoo review by users

Many users were satisfied with the effects of this hair product to them. Most of them were very happy that their scalps are not itchy anymore after using it. There were also previous users who confessed that their hair is now manageable than ever, and said that they would never regret the day that they decided to use this effective shampoo.
People with colored and permed hair were also thankful that they have come across this wonderful shampoo, since it is not damaging at all and is compatible with their hair type.

Meanwhile, hair loss patients noticed a big improvement on the growth of their hair after using 'free and clear' shampoo. They added that they did not expect the positive results immediately after using the shampoo and that is why they are very grateful that their friends introduced this product to them. As mentioned previously, this shampoo also has some cons — but without a doubt, its pros easily overpowered its cons.

free and clear shampoo

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