Lipogaine Big 3 hair loss shampoo: Best 5 tips and how to use

Learn why Lipogaine Big 3 remains one of the best shampoo for hair loss

When I was growing up as a child, I always wondered why there were some men with a bald head, and why others don’t. Later, after realizing I’ve could become one of them, I’ve started doing my research. That’s when I’ve found out that DHT is the main cause hair loss and thinning hair. After that it was only a matter of time before I’ve found the best DHT killer in Lipogaine Big 3 hair loss shampoo.

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You see, hair loss or alopecia, regularly affects more than 50% of men by the age of 50, and a lot of women as well. It is not something you choose to have, but something related to genetics, as per latest clinical studies.

Historically, as a condition that affects the human being cosmetically and psychologically, there was not a lot of investment in the research of this condition. Not like diabetes and cancer, where there is a lot of money and people losing their lives because of it.

That is why the treatments for hair loss were always short on results and efficiency.

Thankfully, that is not the true as of these days.

In the past 10 or 15 years, there has been more great findings and clinical studies in the area of hair loss. Many good treatments were revealed and proven to be efficient in the hair loss fight.

After more than 10 years suffering from hair loss and its effects, I’ve become more aware of the products that work and those who simply don’t. Sadly, that wasn’t until I’ve spent a lot of money on crappy products claiming to regrow hair overnight.

My mission here is to provide you with the best hair loss products that save you time and money, meanwhile getting the results that you want.

This is why I have to write about one of the best shampoos currently in the market. I’m talking about Lipogaine Big 3 hair loss shampoo.

Lipogaine big 3 hair loss shampoo

Lipogaine Shampoo

After you understand what is causing your hair loss, you will immediately believe why Lipogaine Big 3 will do wonders for you.

You see, hair loss #1 cause is the scalp being very sensitive to the excess of a hormone that causes the follicles to miniaturize and shrink. Gradually, these hair follicles of yours will shrink so much that hair won’t be able to grow, and your scalp will show a bald spot.

This hormone is called Dihydrotestosterone, and it is produced from normal Testosterone. You can guess that men have more DHT than women, and that’s why you see more men suffering from hair loss in comparison.

DHT is also the main cause of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), which can ultimately cause prostate cancer. This correlation was how hair loss treatments were found. Patients receiving medication for BPH noted hair growth as a side effect. Medication that eventually became the most effective treatment for hair loss.

So, why am I telling you all this?

Now it would be much easier for you to understand that if you eliminate or control the presence of DHT in your scalp, then you can stop hair loss and reverse its effects.

This is what Lipogaine Big 3 hair loss shampoo does to your hair.

After all of this, if you want your treatment to be effective, you have to do one of two things:

· Reduce the level of DHT in your scalp or,

· Stimulate hair growth even with the presence of DHT.

What if I tell you that Lipogaine Big 3 works by doing both things at the same time? Great stuff for sure!!

This hair loss shampoo works by combining ingredients that stimulate hair growth, while also controlling the DHT levels with the most effective formula: Ketoconazole!

You also get in the mix many vitamins and nurturing ingredients, that overall will help you maintain a great scalp health and hair that is always growing.

Something important to be aware, is that Lipogaine contains Azetinol, which is a proprietary extract of natural grains that they developed. This extract process and blend together some acids and Vitamin A, in order to obtain an effective DHT blocker blend. This only gives more points to this product, as it is not contained anywhere else.

Here are some of the most important considerations about Lipogaine Big 3 hair loss shampoo:

· Acclaimed as the #1 Rated hair loss shampoo for men and women

· Control the DHT hormone with the use of Ketoconazole ingredient and Saw Palmetto

· Very nice shampoo with no strong chemicals and sulfates

· Lathers and foams very well without needing a great amount of product

· Greatly complements regular treatment of minoxidil and propecia

· Very good cost-benefit ratio

· Control oily hair and help maintain normal hair oil balance

· Help you control excessive shedding due to hair loss

· One bottle can last you up to 3 months, average of two months

· Side effects are extremely rare with the use of this shampoo

· Contains Biotin, which helps your hair look and feel healthy

· Contains Saw Palmetto, and accepted herbal remedy for DHT symptoms

· Help blocking the conversion of testosterone into DHT

· Provides results within a few weeks to 1-2 months

· Contains Emu Oil, which is an anti-inflammatory nutrient, that helps you moisturize your scalp skin, providing increased thickness and awake dormant hair follicles

Overall, I think you should definitively try this product in order to fight your hair loss condition.

If you are going that way, I will provide here some of the best tips for using it:

1. Use it regularly about 3 times a week. There is no need to use it every day.

2. Apply on wet hair and do a gentle massage while applying.

3. After applying it, leave it on for about 3 to 5 minutes, so your scalp can better absorb it.

4. Use it along a good conditioner in order to finish with silky smooth hair.

5. Don’t forget to also start with other regular hair loss treatments, which can be complemented with this shampoo.

No matter which shampoo you use, it won’t stop hair loss by itself. You also need to start treatment with FDA approved products like minoxidil and Propecia.

Something that takes this product to another level, is the absence of the very known chemical “sodium lauryl sulfate”. This is the most popular ingredient in every shampoo in the industry, and also one of the most harmful ones. I am very careful with the use of any product containing these, and only use the ones I trust that won’t damage my hair.

After understanding all the benefits of Lipogaine Big 3 hair loss shampoo, now you can make a better buying decision and start receiving all these benefits for yourself. It will be one of the most important decisions whenever you start doing something for your receding hairline.

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