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Purador shampoo is the top selling product online and here you'll learn why

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Thinning hair is the #1 reason as of why you can see your scalp in the mirror. That is when you start getting all the dreaded questions and comments about your hair loss: “Are you losing hair?”, “I can see your scalp from here”, “Are you suffering from stress?” Start preventing this with Purador shampoo!

Today we know for sure that Pura D'or Hair Loss shampoo is one of the most effective treatments for thinning hair. You can check latest price on Amazon.com

Whenever you start being affected by hair loss, which is most of the times for hereditary reasons, hair follicles start to shrink because of the effect of DHT hormone. That is when your normally thick and silky hair, start getting thin and frizzy.

In this article we are going to answer the top 10 most asked questions about Purador shampoo, and provide you with insight as of why it will bring the cure for thinning hair.

What you need to know

The first thing you need to know about this product, is that it uses many organic ingredients, and also contains natural preservatives. This makes it a very healthy solution for many people with sensitive scalp.

In order for you to get your hair ticker and fuller, I recommend you go to the root of the problem, hair follicles located in the scalp. This is where the problem is occurring and where you should start the fight. Many people will just try to use a shampoo that will get their hair thicker, ignoring that fact that it starts in the scalp.

The DHT hormone causing the shrink and miniaturization, will continue to break free if you don’t do anything to stop it. Remember the most common cause for this is hereditary conditions, so with only eating healthier or having less stress in the day, won’t make DHT go away.

The good thing about DHT is that you can suppress its effects and reverse some of the damage to your hair. Pura D’or brings to the table one of the most commonly cures for DHT, which is Ketoconazole, a very powerful DHT blocker that will cure your thinning hair with a few uses.

Here are some of the most asked questions about Pura D’or shampoo:

· What is the percentage of ketoconazole present in the product?

o Purador shampoo contains ketoconazole 1% which is the maximum amount for it to be an over the counter product that doesn’t need prescription. This ingredient is what will stop the effect of the DHT hormone. This DHT blocker property will provide improvement for hair loss and thinning hair.

· What is the difference between the two most popular versions of this shampoo (Blue and Gold)?

o The gold version is 100% organic and contains only natural preservatives. If you have very sensitive skin you should use this version. The gold version is more heavily directed for hair loss consumer, because of the greater amount of DHT blocker ingredients. The blue label is good for people who are just starting to see their hair thinning and are just in the need for a more casual solution for this. If you know your hair thins because of stress or temporary conditions, the blue label will work just fine.

· Will this shampoo affect my color treated hair?

o The manufacturer message is that it won’t affect your color treated hair, and also many users have reported not having any issues with it either. Even for semi-permanent color solutions, this won’t cause any problem or make you see the color going down the drain.

· How long will one bottle last with normal use?

o We recommend that you use this shampoo around twice a week in order to maximize its benefits. Only one pump of this shampoo will be enough for you to start seeing results. After following these instructions, one bottle will last you around two and three months.

· What are the directions to apply this hair loss shampoo?

o First of all get your hair get enough. I always prefer to use a mild shampoo before this, in order to clear my scalp of any dirt and improve the amount of this product that will penetrate my scalp. This is not completely obligatory, but something that I do and works very well. After getting your hair wet, apply one or two pumps of Pura D’or shampoo and work it into a rich lather. For different kinds of hair, different amounts will be needed. So if you are not getting the correct lather just use more product. Make sure it touches your scalp directly, and you can make this possible by parting your hair on top or in any affected area. Remember you are trying to tackle a problem on your scalp, not on your hair. After this, try to massage for 1 or two minutes and then leave it on your hair for your scalp to absorb the nutrients for about 3 to 5 minutes. This is where the magic happens. Normally you would not leave any regular day shampoo on your hair this longer, and also nobody will recommend it because of the many chemicals present in these. This is not the case for a medicated shampoo like this one, which is natural, organic and good for your scalp. Remember to avoid any contact with your eyes, this is not baby oil.

· Can I use a conditioner following this product?

o Yes you can use a conditioner after this shampoo, and people will dry hair will also recommend that you do. The manufacturer provides a very good option that helps complement the shampoo. PURA D'OR Deep Moisturizing Premium Organic Argan Oil & Aloe Vera Conditioner. However, the use of conditioner is not mandatory and probably not needed.

· Will this help with my dandruff problem?

o Yes it will, matter of fact, it may be one of the most effective treatments for it. From what I know and been my experience, the best solution for dandruff is ketoconazole. Dandruff is caused by micro-organism living on your scalp, eating the oil of it, and what ketoconazole does is to act as an antifungal solution that will kill these organisms. You should see less dandruff and dry skin falling from your scalp with continuous use of this shampoo.

· Will this shampoo helps preventing hair loss or helps in the early stages?

o First thing we should know is that every case is different. Saying this, it would be common sense that if you know you have hereditary predisposition for hair loss, most likely you will be affected from DHT sensivity. If this is your case, then by all means Pura D’or will help you prevent this condition, as one of the main ingredients is very effective for DHT. Also by being in the early stages of hair loss, you can get much better results contrary to people who have many years suffering the conditions, where the scalp will be seriously affected by now. Remember that this is only a shampoo, one that you can get online or over the counter. For serious conditions like advanced hair loss, many doctors will recommend the use of FDA approved drugs for hair loss.

· Can this shampoo be used along with Rogaine and Propecia?

o The answer for this question is a resounding yes, because the best way to improve and complement any hair loss treatment is to accompany with a shampoo that won’t do harm for your scalp, while also providing DHT blocking properties that can be locally applied. For better effect for myself specifically, I use the big three treatment, which is Propecia + Rogaine + Ketoconazole shampoo. So far I’ve been able to keep my hair, only losing much of it while out of treatment. Sometimes you just think you can beat or cheat your reality. Not the case for me. Lesson learned.

· Can you provide more specific review about Purador shampoo along with the other top hair loss solutions?

o Yes, matter of fact you can read a post about the top 5 shampoos for hair loss right here: Stop losing hair best hair loss shampoo

As you can see, much can be done to help recover from thinning hair. You just need to start using the correct products and treatments. The only thing that won’t get you anywhere is not taking action. Pura D’or shampoo is a great help for thinning hair because of the many quality ingredients provided, and all of this in an organic and natural presentation.

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